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Sahara Orange - SM58 Replacement Microphone Grille

Sahara Orange - SM58 Replacement Microphone Grille

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Sahara Orange Steel Mesh SM58 Replacement Microphone Grille.

Take a journey through sub-Saharan Africa.Sahara Orange is your ticket, sure to make your vocals hot!

Is your microphone looking a bit old and tired?  

Do you have a dented or damaged microphone grille? 

Here is an opportunity to replace the grill without having to replace the entire microphone! 

Standard thread size fits most ball shaped dynamic microphones

✔️Durable steel-mesh construction.

✔️Includes inner foam filter to reduce wind, breath and pop noises.

✔️Includes Protective Storage Tin Case

✔️Fits Shure SM58 - SM58LC - BETA58 - BETA58A

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